Timbaland Teams Up with Peloton to Introduce New Wellness Music: 'Frequencies Help Heal the Body' (Exclusive)

“It's like the Timbaland calm down. I want you to see music through my lens,” the legendary music producer tells PEOPLE

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Timbaland is opening up about the intersection of music and health in both his career and everyday life.

Earlier this month, the legendary music producer joined Peloton instructors Camila Ramón and Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts to premiere his new wellness music on the fitness platform. With the partnership, the global class series offers programs set to hits from the 51-year-old’s discography.

Timbaland recently spoke to PEOPLE about how expanding his career into wellness music was a natural transition.

“I would call it another way of peace, a calmness. I believe that what we have created was something new and I think it could be groundbreaking,” he tells PEOPLE of his new sound. “I kind of approached it the same way as my other music, but just with sounds that I believe that soothes the soul in a different way. Certain bells and frequencies. It's like a peaceful bop.”

“When I go to spas and retreats, everything has music,” he adds. “But I feel like my music, because I am a sound guy who loves nature, I wanted to create something that would play in all these places when you go on vacation, a spa, a retreat, but now you want this music playing in your household.”

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<p>Peloton</p> Timbaland, Camila Ramón, Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts


Timbaland, Camila Ramón, Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts

Timbaland admits that music plays a big role in his overall health and wellness. And he was inspired to combine that two thanks to the progress he’s made in his own fitness journey, sharing that he works out at least four times a week.

“I try to push myself as much as I can and try and challenge myself when it comes to fitness because you only live once so you want to take care of yourself as best as you can. I feel like when I was younger I feel like I abused my body and now I just really take it very serious,” he explains. “I got addicted to that feeling of just being in tune with my body, and I keep chasing it all the time. I can't stop chasing it.”

And although Timbaland is in the gym rocking upbeat music from newer artists like BossMan Dlow, Playboi Carti, and Sexyy Red, the producer ends his workouts with meditation to keep his mental health intact just as much as his physical health.

“I meditate after every workout. I put it on for me just to cool down and just go into peace,” he says. “That's what made me really start to get into just being in every genre of music.”

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<p>Peloton</p> Timbaland



In addition to Timbaland’s catalogue being featured on the Peloton platform, the musician is also partnering with Myndstream to release an album of wellness music later this year.

“It's like the Timbaland calm down. I want you to see music through my lens. I see it in color,” he explains, noting that he’ll introduce a color series, the first project being a collection of four songs called “Yellow.”

The Grammy winner tells PEOPLE that he’s excited to merge his music with the wellness space, believing that it’s a game changer as music can be “healing.”

“I feel like frequencies help heal the body,” he says. “When people say meditation, I don't know anybody who sits and meditates without having some type of music playing. You gotta have it because it sets the tone for everything.”

“Music changes the atmosphere in a room,” Timbaland continues. “You can be in a certain space, but the sonics of great music uplifts your spirit. I think music is a very powerful tool and the world doesn't even know it. We take it for granted.”

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