Tim Tebow Hits His First Home Run Since 2019 in Spring Training Game

Former NFL quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow, now playing left field for the New York Mets, hit a two-run homer during a spring training game against the Detroit Tigers on February 25, his first home run since July 2019, media reported.

The Tigers welcomed the Mets to their spring training facility in Lakeland, Florida, for an exhibition game on Tuesday afternoon.

According to Sports Illustrated, Tebow signed with the Mets as a minor league free agent in September 2016. Though he participated in every major league camp since then, he has yet to appear with the major league club during the regular season.

Jonathan Vasquez shared this video from the third-base side as newcomer Tebow, No 85, bombed a sixth-inning pitch over the left field wall, batting in two runs and surprising fans, some of whom are heard shouting, “What?! No way!”

The Mets lost to the Tigers 9-6 and are scheduled to play the Houston Astros in Port St Lucie on Wednesday at 1.10 pm ET. Credit: Jonathan Vasquez via Storyful