Tim Scott leaves open door to being Trump’s VP

Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) signaled Sunday he was open to serving as former President Trump’s vice presidential running mate days after he put his full endorsement behind the former chief executive in the 2024 race for the White House.

Scott — who ended his own presidential bid in November — was asked about chants for Scott to serve as Trump’s “VP” during a rally in New Hampshire on Friday when Scott formally endorsed Trump.

“The only thing I want is four more years of Donald Trump and a Republican majority in the Senate, a majority in the House and the White House, so that poor kids who are today growing up in neighborhoods like I grew up in, have a chance for a quality education. I want kids to look to their future and believe that America is their oyster,” Scott told CNN’s Dana Bash when asked on “State of the Union” if he wants to be Trump’s running mate.

“That’s what I really want,” he continued. “And if I can help achieve that through my endorsement by being on the campaign trail in my home state of South Carolina for the next four or five weeks, and then beyond, that’s the goal. If you don’t think about yourself, but think about the country first, we’ll be in good shape.”

Bash pointed out that Scott was not rejecting the idea of serving as vice president, saying, “That wasn’t a no. That door is wide open. Fair read?”

“Well, Dana, you can, you can take it any way you want,” Scott responded with a laugh. “My goal is to do one thing. It’s always going to do the same thing, make America and Americans believe in our future in the way that we do not today. Whatever that takes.”

Scott’s endorsement came days ahead of the New Hampshire primary, set to take place Tuesday.

Scott, whose campaign for president emphasized a message of hope, was first appointed to the Senate by Nikki Haley, who was governor of South Carolina at the time. The two clashed on the campaign trail, and Scott’s endorsement of Trump’s campaign is seen as a blow for Haley.

Scott, in his CNN interview, defended endorsing Trump over Haley, saying it’s important for the party to unite behind Trump. Scott also said he texted Haley several times since ending his campaign, including the day before he announced his endorsement of Trump.

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