TikTok's Bella Brave Is in a Medically Induced Coma: 'They Don't Know If She'll Survive'

The 10-year-old social media star is on day two of treatment for a lung infection, her mom Kyla wrote on Instagram

<p>Bella Brave/Instagram</p> Bella Brave

Bella Brave/Instagram

Bella Brave

Bella Thomson — known to her followers on TikTok as Bella Brave — is intubated in the ICU and in a medically induced coma as of July 10, her mom Kyla posted on Instagram.

“They’ve told us they don’t know if she’ll survive this. I know she will. I know she has an army praying for her,” Kyla wrote about Bella, 10, who shot to viral fame as her family chronicled her struggle with life-threatening health challenges that include Hirschsprung’s disease, which impacts the bowel, and severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID).

An earlier post from Kyla shared that Bella had a viral infection in her lungs and may have developed Bronchiolitis Obliterans, which the American Lung Association says is an “an irreversible and chronic condition” also known as “popcorn lung.”

On July 9, Kyla posted an update, writing that although Bella was at first “sitting up, chatty,” she began to struggle.

<p>Bella Brave/Instagram</p> Bella Brave

Bella Brave/Instagram

Bella Brave

“She lost 4lbs in 1 day putting all her energy into breathing,” her mother wrote. “Her co2 increased and she started to doze off & have delirium. She was alert enough to tell me I turned into a piece of bread but also knew she was at SickKids hospital in Toronto.”

“They knew at that point they needed to sedate her and intubate before she crashed,” Kyla wrote, adding, "We left having them tell us they didn’t know if she’ll make it through the night. But she did."

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However, Bella was placed in a medically induced coma, Kyla disclosed in another post the following day.

“The best of the best were telling us it looked really bad. But I kept a lifted stare, intensely listening until I heard what hope there was left, that we could hang on to," she wrote.

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Kyla added, “There has been a rapid fibrosis like deterioration of Bella’s lungs. They believe it could be an immune response."

She shared that Bella was put on a large dose of steroids — “the one option they have left to help her lungs work again” — and that she was on her second day of the medication.

“Day 3 will give us more information on how soon we could see her lung function improve,” she wrote. “She’s stable and that in itself is the improvement for now.”

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Kyla has been reposting messages of support on her Instagram Stories, and added that she and Bella's father, Lyle, “talk to her, I play music for her and we are reading her all the cards, letters and messages you’ve all sent.”

“We are praying and believing we have stopped the fibrosis attack on her lungs, in enough time, that still allows her lungs to heal & function again. This wait is beyond unbearable.”

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