TikToker Witnesses 'Frenzy' for Supermarket Bargains

A shopper was slapped on the head with a pizza box during a scuffle over cut-price food in an Asda superstore in Wolverhampton, footage posted to TikTok on November 15 showed.

Nicholas Alexander captured the mayhem as two women appeared to have an argument, with one placing a packet of chicken on the other’s head before receiving a slap on the head with a boxed pizza.

Chicken legs, bits of bacon and ham, and other food items are seen discarded on the floor in Alexander’s video.

“It’s a free for all, it’s a frenzy,” Alexander said as the shoppers dived in.

He told Storyful that he posted the video “not to mock the people, but to show how people act in public with no concern for others.” Credit: Nicholas Alexander via Storyful

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