TikTok Video Details London Engineer's Clever Tips on Staying Cool During UK Heatwave

A London resident detailed the clever hacks she and her boyfriend used to stay cool, as the city scorched during a record-breaking heatwave.

Footage posted to Frankie Burgess’s TikTok, @teenagetimecapsule, shows her engineer boyfriend’s DIY solutions to keeping their temperatures down.

“The government advice during the UK heatwave has been only to travel if essential, so we’ve been stuck working from home,” Burgess told Storyful. “Over a lunch break, I decided to film all of the makeshift methods he’d implemented to try and keep us cool. The lengths he went to were so ridiculous,” she said. “I thought it’d make people laugh, but there are also some good tips in there,” she added.

She said,“The most effective so far have been putting our feet in ice water – we used a casserole tin – freezing tea towels to dab ourselves with, and draping wet sheets over our closed curtains.”

On Tuesday, July 19, the UK recorded its hottest temperature on record, with 40.3 degrees Celsius (104.5 Fahrenheit) in Coningsby village in Lincolnshire. Credit: @teenagetimecapsule via Storyful

Video transcript


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