TikTok tries to head off EU data fears, U.S. ban

STORY: TikTok is trying to tackle EU fears over data, and head off a U.S. ban.

On Wednesday (March 8) the social network unveiled a new security regime, dubbed “Project Clover”.

That will see it store European user data locally, starting this year.

As part of the plan it will open new data centres in Ireland and Norway.

The move comes after the app was banned from staff phones at EU institutions.

Brussels is concerned that the Chinese-owned product could be used to harvest data for Beijing.

TikTok has taken similar steps to ease concerns in the U.S., where it faces a mounting crackdown by lawmakers.

This week the White House backed legislation giving the administration powers to ban TikTok and other foreign-based technologies.

TikTok says it is a “pro-compliance” company, and always open to working with authorities to address problems.

Beijing has sharply criticised global moves to crack down on the app, saying they are really a bid to limit competition.