TikTok suspended livestream of Reform UK rally ‘due to moderation error’

TikTok suspended the livestream of a Reform UK rally for around half an hour on Sunday, the social media platform has confirmed.

The “temporary suspension” of the stream on Reform UK leader Nigel Farage’s account was due to a “moderation error”, a spokesperson for the site said.

His access to TikTok’s “Live” feature has since been restored.

Mr Farage addressed thousands of Reform UK supporters at Birmingham’s National Exhibition Centre on Sunday afternoon, along with other members of the party.

People complained that the livestream cut out as Reform UK politician Ann Widdecombe addressed the crowd.

General Election campaign 2024
Ann Widdecombe speaking during a Reform UK General Election campaign launch (Lucy North/PA)

During her speech, the former Brexit Party MEP and Conservative MP said Mr Farage’s party would “bring common sense back to Britain” and “get rid of woke”.

She told thousands of Reform supporters: “We stand for two words above all – common sense.”

After accusing the Tories of putting all their “eggs in the Rwanda basket” without a plan B, Ms Widdecombe said there was no reason why Reform UK should not form the official opposition following Thursday’s poll.

“These next four days are crucial,” she said, adding that she had “heard more common sense” in the last five years than in her previous 55 years in the Conservative Party.

A spokesperson for TikTok said: “Nigel Farage has had their access to Live restored after a temporary suspension (less than 30 mins) due to a moderation error.

“More than 40,000 people work alongside technology to keep TikTok safe, and this includes dedicated teams and detection models to moderate Lives in real time.

“We continue to invest heavily in training technology and human moderators to detect, review, and remove harmful content.”