TikTok Star Behind Viral 'Looking for a Man in Finance' Song Says Life Has Completely Changed (Exclusive)

Megan Boni, a.k.a. TikTok creator Girl On Couch, tells PEOPLE how her life is different since she wrote the viral sensation

<p>megan boni/Instagram</p> Megan Boni, aka Tik Tok star Girl On Couch, wrote "Looking For a Man in Finance"

megan boni/Instagram

Megan Boni, aka Tik Tok star Girl On Couch, wrote "Looking For a Man in Finance"

One TikTok star wasn't looking for a job in showbiz — but that's what's happening.

Nine days ago, creator Megan Boni, who goes by the username Girl On Couch on the social media platform, was just your typical 26-year-old working a day job in sales and making funny videos on the side.

Then her satirical song "Looking for a Man in Finance" went viral. Now it's been remixed endlessly, has gone viral all around the globe, and Boni says her life has turned completely upside down.

"I haven't slept. I feel like I've been blacked out for a week," she tells PEOPLE. "I suddenly have an agent."

Boni, who went to Penn State and moved to New York City after graduation in 2019, adds, "I'm about to hire a manager. I even quit my job!" (She notes that her company was cool about it. "They were like, 'We get it! You do you,' " she says.)

But Boni notes that it's all been beyond surreal.

"I have calls with major companies. I have all these DJs who want to release the first single with me, so I'm suddenly navigating the music industry," she explains.

Boni also says that the song is already in heavy rotation at concerts and clubs.

"People are asking if I'm annoyed that I'm not getting credit, and I'm like no way, I literally asked for DJs to remix it!" she says.

Still, Boni adds that she's looking forward to releasing the official single so she can get royalties.

According to the TikToker, the idea for the song stemmed from making fun of girls who complained about being single but then had a laundry list of expectations for potential partners.

"It was just making fun of that, so I started thinking of the most outlandish, hardest things to find in a man and wrote it down, then I came up with that rhyme." (The tune goes, "I'm looking for a man in finance / Trust fund, 6'5," blue eyes.")

Not only have plenty of people added beats to the lyrics, but the next trend is putting their own spin on the lyrics.

Music producer FINNEAS posted, "I'm looking for the WiFi network. Friend's house. Hotel. Airport."

As for what's next, Boni says the song will be released as a single, and she hopes to make appearances at shows and festivals. She also wants to try her hand at comedy.

"I'd love to take some stand up or improv classes, maybe some acting classes. And I'll probably head to YouTube," she explains.

The up-and-coming star adds that her family and friends can't believe what's going on.

"I have two brothers who probably hate me right now because everyone keeps asking them about it. But my parents are over the moon," she says.

Boni adds, "You always hope that your content will get views, but I had no idea this was going to resonate. It's turned into a monster! The Internet is crazy."

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