TikTok sale to Walmart, Oracle stalls - WSJ

The planned sale of TikTok to Oracle and Walmart has been pushed back indefinitely.

That's according to a Wall Street Journal report on Wednesday (February 10).

The move reportedly comes as President Joe Biden reviews the previous administration's efforts to address potential security risks posed by Chinese firms.

Donald Trump's administration had argued that TikTok was a risk to U.S. users, saying their personal data could be accessed by China's government.

That allegation has always been denied by the app.

Now TikTok parent ByteDance finds itself in a legal tussle with Washington.

Many federal courts have barred the Commerce Department's bid to shut down TikTok's U.S. operations.

The app has been in talks with Oracle and Walmart since September over a deal to shift its U.S. assets to a new entity.

That was intended to circumvent a total ban on its use in the country.

There was no comment on the latest reports from any of the companies involved.