What is the TikTok ‘moon phase’ test? How to ‘find your soulmate’

A trend on TikTok claims to show whether people are really “soulmates” by comparing the Moon on the day they were born.

The trend sees people create a pleasing video that compares the phases of the Moon on the day that two people were born.

If those phases slot together nicely – combining to create a picture of the full Moon – then the people are soulmates, the trend suggests.

And creating one of your own is neat and easy, using a couple of online tools.

Of course, there is no evidence that the Moon phase actually decides how compatible you are. So if the results are not to your liking, there’s no need to worry about it.

The way the template works also means that the Moon looks nice in most arrangements of pictures – so even if there is a gap, it tends to be aesthetically pleasing.

The first thing to do to create one of the videos is to head to a site that tracks the phases of the Moon, such as this one. That will let you use a calendar to choose any date in history, and get a picture of how the Moon would have looked on that night.

Take a screenshot, or save the image, of the Moon’s phase on your own birthday and then do the same for whoever you want to do the trend with. You will need to save those for later.

Now it is time to actually make the video. While that’s a little more complicated, there are tools that make it relatively straightforward – and the most popular is Capcut.

Download the app, on iOS and Android, and use that to find a template with the trend. You’ll then be able to make your own, by adding the screenshot you saved earlier as well as any text you want to include, such as you and your partner’s names and even birthdays.

You can then preview the video, watching how neatly the two Moons slot together. Capcut lets you upload the video in a straightforward way, so you can put it straight into TikTok and post it, though of course you can also just save it as a private video.