So, TikTok just taught me I'm using dry shampoo *all* wrong

Kate Pasola
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Lately, TikTok has proven itself to be something of a bounty when it comes to quick, handy beauty tips.

A recent favourite of mine, in which a dressing gown robe belt is enlisted to provide overnight heat-free curls has taken the world by storm - along with this fake freckle trick, among others.

And the TikTok beauty community certainly aren't shy of sharing their opinion on products and how best to use them. Which brings me to Cora, here, and her game-changing approach to applying dry shampoo.

If you, like me, (AKA a mere fool) use a targeted attack on greasy areas, this is going to be difficult news to swallow. But stick with it, and your pre-zoom, sixth-day, lockdown hot mess hair will thank you.

Here's the proper way to dry-shamps your strands:

  1. Spray your preferred dry shampoo all over your hair, working through, section by section. I.e. don't just lift a layer, spray half a can into your week-old mane and hope for the best.
  2. Massage it into your roots and mid-lenths, and then, here's the clincher: leave! it! alone! That's right, Cora suggests sitting pretty for about 5-10 minutes while the product works its magic.
  3. Then, and only then, grab a brush (I'd suggest something that'll cause limited damage to strands, my fave is the Manta brush) and comb the product all through your hair, distributing it evenly and reducing the potential for small, matted, borderline woodland areas on your head. If you don't like to brush your hair because of curly or coily textures, use your hands to work your product through lengths as best you can.

Cora uses Kevin Murphy's dry shampoo, sold out basically everywhere apart from here (lucky you), but she also name-drops Dove's dry haircare range which isn't available this side of the Atlantic.

If you want to take your lazy-gal cleaning ritual to the next level, throw on a dry conditioner to keep lengths looking healthy(ish).

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I'll admit it. I wasn't ready to receive this information - but from her cleansed, bouncy and not even slightly matted hair, I think we can agree this tip is better off shared with the people.

And there you have it - an even more effective way to dodge actual hair washes.

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