This TikTok hack to unclog your drains has gone viral — and it’s free

 Water in blocked sink.
Water in blocked sink.

TikTok has become the go-to place for the ‘CleanTok’ community to share their quick and “game changing” hacks. Be it bathroom cleaning hacks to the handy TikTok pillowcase hack to make bedding changing less of a chore, you’ll be sure to find a clever solution to your cleaning woes.

Similarly, it's always a nuisance when water isn’t flowing freely down the sink. Not only can it result in gunk build-up, but can create a bad, "rotten egg" smell. Which can be embarrassing if you have guests round!

But if you want to know an easier method of how to unclog a drain without a plunger, this viral TikTok hack might well be a lifesaver. This is especially the case if you’re spending way too much money on expensive (and toxic) products that are not doing the job.

The TikTok video posted by a user named "ouisaucy", shows an incredibly easy trick to unclog a sink. What’s more, it won’t even cost you a thing — so what exactly is this trick?

With the caption, ‘unclogged your sink’, the clip shows a sink with water that isn’t draining. The user then begins to demonstrate a quick (and rather unusual) way of unclogging the sink. Rather than grabbing a plunger or tool, they simply used their hand instead!

By covering the plughole with a hand and pumping vigorously — this essentially mimics the action of a plunger. After a few attempts, the water begins to drain smoothly, and without any miracle products. Impressive!

It isn’t any wonder that this hack quickly went viral —  gaining over 280K views from impressed users. One comment stated, “Absolutely works. Family looks at me like I’m crazy for doing this”, while another said, “can’t believe the sink CPR works, thank you!!”

In fact, more than 200 comments stated how this clever technique had worked for them, proving that you don’t need expensive products and call-outs to plumbers in some cases.

What an expert says

A bathroom drain with a plug
A bathroom drain with a plug

Plumbing experts have recommended that this could be a handy (no pun intended), method for small blockages only, rather than on-going, draining issues. "This is actually a very useful way of aiding small blockages along,” says Jennifer Shaw from Plumbworld. “Your hand essentially acts in the same way as a plunger and will unclog small bits of debris that may have got caught in the pipes. Most of the time, this method should work but if you're still having trouble then using a drain unblocker or calling a professional might be the only option."

So, there you have it — a simple yet effective drain hack! If you enjoy cleaning or other hacks to make your life easier, be sure to check out our own TikTok videos.

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