TikTok-famous breastfeeding counselor calls out ‘dirty-minded’ men for sexualizing her content

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A lactation counselor who regularly educates mothers about breastfeeding online has called out the series of lewd comments she had been getting from “dirty minded” creeps.

Nad Masrom, who has amassed thousands of followers on social media, including 54,000 on TikTok, has lashed out at those commenters for sexualising her content with a lengthy post condemning their behavior.

“NORMALIZING PORNOGRAPHY? … Sexual comments on my TikTok account have become a big issue. Some say that I am to blame for it,” she wrote. “Is it still a woman’s fault when dirty-minded men cannot control their lust?”

Some of the vulgar comments Nad shared included suggestive phrases such as, “Can I rub it?” and “I need to see a tutorial with the real thing” for a video teaching breastfeeding mothers how to deal with flat nipples.

The 35-year-old health practitioner told Coconuts today that while the comments had made her feel uncomfortable, she will continue to ignore the vulgar talk. She has also disabled comments for some of her clips, including the most-watched April video Tips to solve flat nipples that garnered 750,000 views.

“I will continue to make TikTok videos anyway, there are many new and young moms there who find my knowledge useful,” she said today.

Nad has been speaking publicly about breastfeeding for the past five years, including at live seminars. On Twitter, Nad revealed that a majority of her audience on TikTok were women aged 27 to 40.

“I have not blocked anyone, but I have turned off the comments section in some of my videos, especially those with vulgar comments,” she added. Some of these comments were sent directly to her through private messages.

“But I don’t care about it too much, because I need to spread awareness on the importance of breastfeeding,” she said.

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