As TikTok Extends Videos to 3 Minutes, Are Longer Videos Making a Comeback?

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It wasn’t too long ago that short videos seemed all the rage, but the tide may be turning. Some of the industry is welcoming back longer videos, with popular apps doubling down on lengthier and larger videos as usage grows and competition heats up. TikTok last week said it would bump up video length to three minutes, while Instagram countered by bringing full-screen features and video recommendations to its platform. Meanwhile, YouTube has this year been experimenting with its own version of bite-size videos, Shorts, and Snapchat released its TikTok copycat Spotlight in 2020. That same year, Twitter also launched Fleets, a Snapchat-like video that gets tweeted. With TikTok videos now going beyond 60 seconds, will the rest follow? “Video is a massive area of focus for all of the social platforms right now,” said Debra Aho Williamson, analyst at eMarketer. “By extending the maximum length of videos to three minutes, TikTok gives video creators more time to get their message across, and also lets them explore more immersive content types such as video series, Q&A sessions or extended commentaries, to name a few.” TikTok, owned by Chinese internet company ByteDance, will expand its prolific one-minute clips to three-minute videos...

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