TikTok Creators are Using the #BussItChallenge to Poke Fun At Last Week's Failed Capitol Coup

Carolyn Twersky
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Photo credit: tiktok/getty
Photo credit: tiktok/getty

From Seventeen

After a huge year in 2020, TikTok has already proven that it isn't going anywhere in 2021. Less than two weeks into the year and creators are already using the app to comment on various political events, including last week's failed Capitol coup.

The riot was terrifying to watch for multiple reasons, but if you're like me, you use humor to cope with such tragedies. Apparently, many creators on TikTok feel the same way because they're having a great time poking fun at the insurrectionists who attempted to scale a wall last Wednesday with seemingly no preparation or prior skillset.

Enter the #BussItChallenge. You may have seen this challenge on your For You Page recently and you've definitely heard the song, "Buss It" by Erica Banks by now. The transformation trend features creators in their quarantine finest (I'm talking face mask, sweatpants, messy bun) before dropping down and transitioning into a glam af look.

Well, some creators had another take on the challenge. @Yopjayy did it best, dancing around in a red shirt with a backpack on. Then, when the beat drops, instead of transforming into a new look, the video flashes to a shot of a man failing to climb up the wall in front of the Capitol.

User @marcycarsey took inspo from @yopjayy and made her own version of the meme.

Meanwhile, @thejesslyfe, made a video to the sound where she simply watches the man fall before walking off in disgust.

The #BussItChallenge is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Capitol riot memes on TikTok. @Dennism.i.k made a video that commented on the lack of security during the insurrection.

Meanwhile, @Getreadytorumbl3 asked other creators to "name somewhere harder to get into or with tighter security than the capitol," to which @msiz responded with an old Drake and Josh clip.

What happened last week was terrifying and tragic. It may help to remember, though, that there are SO many people who agree with you and are just as disgusted with the domestic terrorists who attempted (and failed) to take down our democracy. So, if you need to laugh to deal with it, by all means, laugh. Millions will be laughing with you.

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