Tiger That Survived Cancer Gets Treated for Toothache

A 15-year-old Sumatran tiger at Perth Zoo was put under anesthetic to treat a toothache with a root canal, the zoo said.

Footage shows Jaya knocked out on a surgery table as a veterinary team carries out a root canal and performs a full health check.

“At nearly 15 years old, Jaya is well into his golden years, and as tigers age, it’s not uncommon to see some wear and tear on their teeth,” the zoo said.

In 2018, Jaya was diagnosed with an ectopic thyroid carcinoma, had a tumor removed and was given a prognosis of nine months to live, according to the zoo. “Considering that was over four years ago, Jaya is certainly proving to be a cat with nine lives,” they said. Credit: Perth Zoo via Storyful

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