Tiger Chews on Visitors' Vehicle at Indian Safari Park

Tourists at a safari park in Bangalore, India, were the focus of some unusual attention from a tiger during a trip back in 2020, when the predator began to bite at and chew the bumper of the vehicle they were in.

Videos circulating online recently brought renewed attention to the incident.

Yash Shah told Storyful he and his family were in Bengaluru Bannerghatta Biological Park in November 2020 when the tiger approached.

“Our jeep broke down on the slope and wasn’t starting. Tigers saw the jeep not moving for 10 minutes. One of the tigers … came towards the jeep and started roaming around and then damaging the jeep for the next 40 minutes. Another two tigers were roaming around the jeep.”

Shah said the incident lasted for around 50 minutes before park staff came to transfer him and his family to another vehicle.

“The vehicle was static for a while due to battery issues and the driver could not start it again. As the vehicle was stranded, the tiger out of curiosity approached and played with the vehicle. Later, the vehicle was towed safely by our rescue team,” Vanashree Vipin Singh, a park director, told the Deccan Herald. Credit: Yash Shah via Storyful

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