Tig Notaro's 7-Year-Old Sons Just Found Out She And Her Wife Are Gay

Comedian Tig Notaro on Wednesday confessed it’s been a “weird” Pride Month so far. (Watch the video below.)

“My wife and I found out recently that our sons didn’t know we were gay,” the “Star Trek: Discovery” star told host Stephen Colbert on “The Late Show.”

The conversation started on a morning commute to school, she said, with her spouse, Stephanie Allynne, and their nearly 8-year-old twin boys.

Notaro recalled talking about “something ‘gay’” and one of the lads leaned forward and said, “You’re gay?”

“I was so stunned because we’ve lived together almost eight years and I’ve been gay the whole time ― even prior!” she said.

A “shocked” Notaro offered a family-friendly explanation of what “gay” is — when “girls like girls and boys like boys,” she summarized to them.

“What do you think about what I just told you?” she said she asked her son.

“Oh, I love my family,” her son answered, to her relief.

Notaro, who has a comedy special on Prime Video, and Allynne, of “The L Word: Generation Q,” wondered on the drive home “how in the world” their kids didn’t know they were gay.

“Dare I say we’re ... an iconic gay couple,” she continued. “And so, we realized even though there’s pictures of our wedding day and they know they have two moms, that doesn’t mean they know what ‘gay’ is.”