Tiffany Haddish Says She Brought Therapist To Meet Her Dates. Say What?

Comedian Tiffany Haddish told Seth Meyers this week that she arranged for her therapist to meet her dates in person. (Watch the video below.)

Haddish, appearing dead serious, said on Thursday’s episode of “Late Night” that she went through a string of therapists before she found one who made her laugh ― and whose judgment she trusted enough to help her find love.

“I started asking them to come with me on dates, come with me to different things,” Haddish said.

She clarified that she was not asking the therapist to attend her comedy performances, but to meet Haddish’s potential romantic interests when she was out with them to “see if they’re somebody I should be dating.”

Haddish said she gave no advance warning to her dates but did introduce her therapist when they showed up.

The “Girls Trip” and “Like a Boss” star said she got feedback from the therapist the next day but didn’t always listen.

“The therapist was telling me, ‘Don’t date that person,’” she said. “And then I’ll be like, ‘Oh, OK,’ and then I would date them anyway. And then I was like, ‘Oh, dang, the therapist was right.’”

Haddish didn’t specify when exactly this vetting had taken place in her life, but the “I Curse You With Joy” author recently revealed that she’s been celibate.

“I think I only got so much soul left, and I don’t want to necessarily just give it over to anybody,” she said during a podcast appearance.

Haddish has also said that she’s been sober for months following a November arrest on suspicion of driving under the influence, her second such arrest in less than two years.

Fast-forward to the 5:00 mark for Haddish’s anecdote about dating guys while her therapist evaluated them in person: