Tidal just added a feature Spotify and Apple Music should copy

 Tidal logo on phone with headphones in the background.
Tidal logo on phone with headphones in the background.

Tidal may not be as popular as Apple Music or Spotify, but it now offers an outstanding new feature those platforms can’t match.

Tidal released an update earlier this week that allows users to share universal links to songs or albums, allowing them to open those tracks in whatever service they use for listening to music. The move means Tidal users can share their favorite new song with Spotify or Apple Music users and recipients will be able to open that song on their favored streaming platform.

“Now, with just a couple of taps, your friends can play any TIDAL track, artist, or album that you share on their preferred streaming service – no fuss or feeling left out because they’re not on the same platform,” Tidal wrote in a changelog that accompanied its software update.

Tidal didn’t say which services its universal linking is compatible with. Still, Reddit users tested it on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music and found it works with all those platforms. Tidal said it will add more platforms over time.

Overall, it’s an outstanding move by Tidal. One of the biggest problems facing music streaming services is that sharing songs with others is nearly impossible unless everyone is on the same platform. And with so many options, people like certain streaming services for different reasons. Indeed, it’s challenging to fathom Apple Music users opting for Spotify out of the blue or Spotify users making a switch to Apple Music. With Tidal’s feature, however, it doesn’t matter which platform a user likes.

The question now is whether Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, or any other platform will follow Tidal’s lead.

Either way, Tidal’s innovative feature adds to what is otherwise an outstanding music streaming service. Earlier this month, in fact, Tom’s Guide reviewed Tidal and awarded it a coveted five stars thanks to its exceptional audio quality and excellent curated content.

Our review clarified just how good Tidal really is: “High fidelity isn’t the only perk that makes Tidal the best music app out there.”

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