Thrilling moment rescuers save three venomous snakes in 100-foot-deep well in India

A trio of venomous snakes had to be rescued from a 100-foot-deep well in western India. Three deadly snakes - two Russell’s vipers and a cobra - fell into a well at a village near Ahmednagar on February 8. The vipers fell into the well while engaging in a mating dance, and the cobra is believed to have followed them in trying to prey upon them. A farmer made a call to Wildlife Rescue Society and rescuer Akash Jadhav went with his team to save the snakes. Nawaz Shaikh and Akash climbed down the 100-feet-well to catch the snakes. It was a huge effort as the three snakes tried to avoid the rescuers by swimming away from them. The two men worked for three hours to corner the snakes and pick them up. As the well was too wide, the rescuers felt the harness was slowing them down. They decided not to use it and caught the snakes by just balancing against the wall and the stones of the well. Akash said: “There was a risk of us falling into the well which had poisonous snakes. I am glad it ended well for the snakes and us.”