Thrill-seekers walk on Lithuania's tallest building

STORY: Held by a safety rope, dozens of visitors took a walk around the structure's roof, 160 metres (525 ft) above earth.

"If a person is afraid of height, as it is in my case, then it is rather scary. But if you hold on to it, see - how I am holding all the time, then it is not that bad," said visitor Violeta Pekarskiene.

Vilnius' TV Tower is a Soviet-era construction, finalised in 1980 in when the Baltic nation was still part of the USSR.

It was the site of one of Lithuania's major event in its struggle to secede from the USSR, after it proclaimed independence in March 1990, becoming the first Soviet republic to do so.

On Jan. 13 1991, Soviet troops still garrisoned in the capital Vilnius attacked its TV broadcast tower and sole TV station, killing 13 civilians standing as human shields, and wounding hundreds of others.

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