Three wounded as Myanmar demonstrators defy junta

Pro-democracy protestors in Myanmar clashed with police on Friday (February 12), leaving three wounded after police fired rubber bullets to break up a crowd in a southeastern town.

A Red Cross official who witnessed the confrontation told Reuters that a woman was hit “in the womb, one man on his cheek and one man on his arm."

Friday's mostly peaceful nationwide demonstrations mark the seventh consecutive day of protests - and the biggest so far.

Hundreds of thousands of people marched across Myanmar, denouncing the military coup and defying the junta’s call to halt mass gatherings.

They carried placards, staged dance-offs, and demanded freedom.

In Yangon, they plucked the roots off bean sprouts in a symbolic move to show their intention to "cut off" the country's military roots of governance.

The U.N. human rights investigator for Myanmar on Friday called for U.N. member states to impose punitive sanctions and arms embargoes, and ensure that any assistance goes to aid groups and not to the junta.

Adding there were "growing reports, photographic evidence" that security forces have used live ammunition against protesters, in violation of international law.

On Thursday (February 11) U.S. President Joe Biden announced sanctions on the generals who led the takeover.

The generals have promised to stick to the 2008 constitution and hand over power after elections.

No date has yet been set for a vote.