This three-wheeled e-scooter has a roof and is designed for deliveries

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The Honda Gyro Canopy e is currently only available in Japan.

After being announced at the beginning of the year, Honda's brand new electric scooter, the Gyro Canopy e, has just been released in Japan. This three-wheeled electric motorcycle is equipped with two removable batteries and a roof, and is mainly aimed at professional use.

This new scooter is mainly designed for business customers, particularly for deliveries, with its small loading platform at the back.

Its 3.2 kW electric motor allows this e-scooter to travel at 30 km/h, with a range of almost 80 km. It has two small removable batteries, located under the seat, which can be easily recharged using any electrical outlet. Fully charging the two batteries takes about five hours.

The Gyro Canopy e is equipped with a large windshield -- with wipers -- and a roof, to help reduce the effects of rain, splashes and spray. The dashboard displays a wide range of information, including speed, remaining battery capacity and a reverse signal.

Honda is currently launching its new electric motorcycle in Japan in a limited edition of 1,000 units. It is priced at a relatively expensive 715,000 yen, which is equivalent to around $6,300. The pack of two removable and interchangeable batteries will be available for rent.

Note that the manufacturer recently launched the U-Go in China, a small, basic electric scooter selling for 7,499 yuan, or about $1,170.

David Bénard

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