Three waves of Russian kamikaze drone attacks on Odesa oblast overnight injure four, damage port and civilian


Four people were injured in three waves of Russian Shahed kamikaze drone attacks on Odesa Oblast overnight. Damage to the port and civilian infrastructure was reported by the Southern Defense Forces on Telegram on Feb. 10.

All nine drones in the enemy's first wave of attack on Odesa were shot down. The wreckage of one injured a company employee and damaged a technical building of the port infrastructure.

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The second and third waves targeted the port infrastructure along the Danube River. A total of 12 drones were shot down.

One of the Russian drones hit port facilities, injuring three employees.

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The civilian infrastructure of Izmail was also hit, resulting in the destruction of technical rooms of industrial and service facilities, damage to roads, vehicles, facades and roofs of several residential buildings. A fire broke out in a private house and garage in Izmail due to falling debris.

Thirty-one out of 23 Russian kamikaze drones were shot down overnight over Kharkiv and Odesa oblasts, according to the Ukrainian Air Force.

Seven people, including 4- and 7-year-old children and a 6-month-old infant, were killed in a deadly overnight Russian Shahed kamikaze drones attack on Kharkiv, the city’s Military Administration head Oleh Synehubov reported on Telegram the same day.

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