Three Orphaned Bear Cubs Arrive at San Diego Shelter for Rehabilitation

Three orphaned black bear cubs rescued by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) arrived at San Diego Humane Society’s (SDHS) Ramona Wildlife Center in California between July 9 and 15, SDHS said.

The first two cubs — siblings about five months old — were found in the Valley of the Falls in the San Bernardino Mountains after their mother was killed by a civilian as she tried to break into a cabin in search of food, according to SDHS. One of the siblings arrived on July 9 and the second arrived on July 12, they said.

The third cub, unrelated to the first two, arrived from Lake Arrowhead on July 15. Its mother was “believed to have been hit by a car near Lake Arrowhead,” SDHS said in a press release.

At the wildlife center, the cubs will “practice their natural skills,” get “proper nutrition,” and become familiar with the environment and weather before being released back into the wild, SDHS said.

Andy Blue, campus director of the Ramona Wildlife Center, said: “Cubs can be weaned at six to eight months, but remain with their mother to learn to hunt and forage. Without their mother to protect them, young cubs of this size can be predated by other bears, mountain lions, coyotes, and other predators.” Credit: San Diego Humane Society via Storyful

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