Three-year-old rescued from rubble in Turkey

Sixty five hours.

That's how long three year old, Elif Perincek, had been trapped under rubble before she was rescued on Monday.

She's one of the many victims from Friday's earthquake in Turkey, who are still being pulled out from under collapsed buildings.

Twenty residential buildings were destroyed in the Turkish city of Izmir when the magnitude 6.9 earthquake hit the Aegean sea.

Elif's two sisters and brother were rescued along with their mother on Saturday, but one of the children subsequently died.

The death toll from Friday's disaster has risen to 81, which includes two teenagers who died on the Greek island of Samos.

The head of Turkey's Disaster and Emergency Management, Mehmet Gulluoglu, gave an update on Sunday about the rescue efforts:

"Currently in six different sites we are running our search and rescue activities in eight blocks, eight buildings. Until now we saved, we rescued, more than 100 people from the buildings alive."

He's advised people not to return to their homes until safety assessments have been done.

A tent village with 13,000 beds has been erected to shelter hundreds of people.

Turkey is prone to earthquakes, but this has been the worst such disaster to hit the country in almost a decade.