Three killed as sightseeing helicopter crashes in northern China

A sightseeing helicopter crashed near Xi'an, Shaanxi province, killing all three people on board. A witness said that the helicopter circled several times in the air before crashing into a cherry orchard near Di Village in Bailu Warehouse Scenic Area, Baqiao District. The whole process, from the discovery of problems with the helicopter to the rotor stopping, the aircraft tilting, and then crashing, took only six or seven seconds. The helicopter plummeted headfirst, without smoke, and on board were a pilot and two passengers. The next day a worker at the scenic area said that the helicopter sightseeing experience was an outsourced project operated by Shaanxi Longyi General Aviation Co., Ltd. The scenic area is operating as usual, but the airline has been ordered to suspend operations by the Civil Aviation Administration. The specific details of the accident still need to be consulted with the operator. The video was filmed on May 2 and provided with local media’s permission.