Threads Now Has More Daily Users Than X

Falling Behind

Meta's Twitter killer Threads has now had more daily active users in the US than Elon Musk's X-formerly-Twitter since at least December, according to estimates by data intelligence platform Apptopia.

"Threads DAUs in the US passed X in December 2023 and it has not looked back," Apptopia's VP of research Thomas Grant told Business Insider.

In Apple's App Store, Threads is the third most downloaded free app at the time of writing, while Musk's X — formerly Twitter, if you've been living under a rock — ranks 41st.

The news highlights X's struggles to attract new users in light of Musk's repeated moves to turn it into a hate speech-infested, and barely functional hellhole.

X-ed Out

Despite Musk originally promising to address the issue of bots on the platform, the social media network has also been overrun by bots and other spam during his tenure.

The number of daily users has been plummeting as well, with market analysis firm Sensor Tower finding last month that X had just 27 million active daily app users in the US this February, down 18 percent year over year.

Meanwhile, Musk is only adding to the chaos with a series of astonishingly racist tirades on the platform. Last year, X sued the nonprofit researchers at the Center for Countering Digital Hate after it released a report finding that hateful content was proliferating under Musk's rule. The lawsuit was promptly thrown out by a judge last month.

The platform has floated a number of harebrained schemes, including charging users a fee to post on the website, and most recently announcing a separate TV app to watch X videos that absolutely nobody asked for.

Meta's Threads, on the other hand, has fared much better, estimating an average 28 million daily active users, a 55 percent increase from December, according to BI.

However, X still has far more monthly active users than Threads, according to Apptopia.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg seems unperturbed, telling investors in February that he's "optimistic we can keep the pace of improvements and growth going, and show that a friendly discussion-oriented app can be as widely used as the most popular social apps."

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