Thousands of starfish gather on deserted Thai beach due to coronavirus lockdown

Thousands of starfish have returned to a beach in Thailand that has been deserted due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Footage shows thousands of the beautiful marine creatures basking in the shallows on Ao Siao beach in Krabi, southern Thailand on Wednesday morning (April 29).

The area would normally full of tourists, many of them enjoying paddling in the sea and watersports.

However, the 2km long stretch of white sands is now empty after government restrictions enforced to stop the spread of Covid-19 banned tourists from entering the country and residents were warned to stay at home.

The peaceful environment appears to have helped the bay return to a more natural state, with the starfish gathering in the shallow water as waves lap around them.

Similar scenes have been repeated around the world, with wild life moving back to areas that have now been devoid of human presence.