Thousands protest against bullfighting in Madrid

Traditionally an emblematic part of Spanish culture, bullfighting has struggled for survival in recent decades and although the big festivals still draw crowds, public interest in bullfighting has dwindled considerably.

Josean Vega, a 41-year-old demonstrator, said he didn't think bullfighting was representative of Spanish culture anymore.

"It's not natural and it's out of place," he said outside the bullring in the east of the capital, where demonstrators gathered shouting "mission abolition."

Another protester, 44-year-old Raul, agreed, adding that the demonstrators don't want bullfighting "to stand the test of time."

A 2020 poll, published by the survey company Electomania, found that 47% Spaniards backed banning bullfighting while 18.6% opposed prohibition and 37% opposed bullfighting but did not want it to be banned.

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