Thousands march in Peru as election result drags

Thousands of Peruvians took to the streets on Tuesday (July 7) to protest uncertainty over the presidential election, which took place a month ago.

Leftist Pedro Castillo seemingly won the presidency by some 44,000 votes, but his opponent, conservative Keiko Fujimori has challenged his victory.

Some demonstrators camped out in front of the national election commission’s office - while others like Santos Saavedra marched to Congress, demanding that Castillo’s win be upheld.

"Peru has a president. We invite him to undertake a peaceful democratic transition and to take the reins of our country forward.... We're going to defend the popular will."

Keiko, the daughter of former jailed President , has challenged Castillo’s win - claiming election fraud with little evidence.

Across town, Fujimori’s supporters rallied behind her claims.

"There will be a national insurgency! We will not accept a president that has been elected on the basis of fraud!"

The election commission has until the end of the month to complete their audit, as the new president is set to take office on July 28.

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