Thousands Gather at Pro-Palestinian Demonstration in Paris

Thousands rallied in support of Palestinians at Place de la Republique in Paris on Saturday, May 22, after a ceasefire ended 11 days of conflict that killed at least 248 people in Gaza, according to health officials, and at least 12 in Israel.

Organizers at Association France Palestine Solidarity (AFPS) were nearing an agreement with French police to hold Saturday’s protest after officials banned an earlier demonstration on May 15, AFPS said in a press release. Hours later, police announced that only a “static gathering” would be permitted on May 22, AFPS said.

This footage shows protestors waving Palestinian flags and applauding at Place de la Republique on Saturday.

Hundreds of Palestinian supporters staged rallies across other French cities including Lyon, Strasbourg, and Lille, according to Le Monde. Credit: @BubbyFlo via Storyful