Thousands Gather at Michigan Capitol to Protest Lockdown Measures

Opponents of Michigan’s coronavirus lockdown measures gathered around the capitol building in Lansing on Thursday, April 30, to protest the possible extension of the state’s stay-home and emergency declarations.

Protesters were also observed crowded inside the building, defying social-distancing recommendations. This video, captured by Benny Johnson, shows the many protesters holding signs and flags on Thursday afternoon at the steps of the capitol.

Jason Howland, one of the organizers of the rally, told WLNS that the goal of the protest was “to get a ‘no’ vote on the extension of the emergency declaration from the senate, and beyond that, the goal is to continue pushing forward until we have our rights back.”

Local news reported that the state of emergency is set to expire April 30. The governor had asked the legislature to extend it for 28 more days, but the Michigan House adjourned for the week on Thursday afternoon without extending the state of emergency, local media reported.

As of April 30, Michigan reported 41,379 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 3,789 deaths. Credit: Benny Johnson via Storyful