Thousands in France Protest Bill That Would Criminalize Sharing Images of Police

Human rights and press freedom advocates rallied thousands of demonstrators in French towns and cities on Saturday, November 21, against a proposed security bill that would criminalize the publication of images of on-duty police officers.

Among those protesting the bill were Amnesty International France, the International Federation of Journalists, and Reporters Without Borders.

In a statement published November 11, Amnesty said such a law “would constitute a serious violation of the right to information” and could prohibit the dissemination of images showing illegal police practices.

Prime Minister Jean Castex said on November 19 that the law would not limit press freedoms, and only concerned images published with the clear intent to harm a police officer.

This footage shows demonstrators thronging the Trocadéro in central Paris, near the Eiffel Tower. Reporters said police later used a water cannon to disperse crowds as the protest came to an end. Credit: @lolalal99130367 via Storyful

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