Thousands evacuated as Typhoon Vamco approaches

Authorities in the Philippines have ordered thousands of residents in eastern coastal communities to evacuate ahead of the landfall of Typhoon Vamco, just weeks after the country was battered by the strongest cyclone so far this year.

Vamco, which carries sustained winds of 78 mph, is the 21st tropical storm to hit the Philippines this year.

Video shot in Paracale - a town on the main island of Luzon- showed high winds and heavy rain lashing buildings and trees in the area.

Residents in coastal communities are expecting up to a nine foot storm surge.

Hundreds of residents living near the coastlines of the capital, Manila were also evacuated in anticipation of possible storm surges, as it is expected to pass there Thursday (November 12).

This resident says her house is not sturdy, so they're evacuating to safeguard their kids.

After lashing the Philippines, Vamco is forecast to head towards Vietnam.

Vietnam's weather agency is expecting it to arrive in its central region on Sunday.