Thousands of Australian students stage climate strike

Thousands of Australian students skipped class on Friday to take part in a climate protest.

They wanted to voice their opposition to Prime Minister Scott Morisson's plan to fund a new gas plant.

This week, his government committed $468 million towards the power plant.

Protesters are calling on the government to instead invest the money in green jobs.

Rallies were staged in close to fifty cities and towns across the country.

Nabilah Chowdhury was one of the organisers.

"We shouldn't have to be here, we should be in school. But obviously we're out on the streets again but the government just won't listen. Time and time again our government has failed us without a doubt. They refuse to take action so it's up to us to fight in order to protect our future.

Australia's conservative government has promoted gas to help fuel the economy's recovery from the global health crisis.

This is despite calls from climate experts to stop new investment in fossil fuels.

Morrison has repeatedly resisted global calls to commit to a target of net zero emissions by 2050.

Australia is one of the world's biggest carbon emitters on a per capita basis.

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