Thousands Attend Street Party in Prague for Symbolic Farewell to Coronavirus

Around 2,000 people sat at a table that spanned the length of the iconic Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic, on June 30, for a street party held as a symbolic farewell to the coronavirus.

This footage, posted to Instagram by iVisitPrague, shows crowds of people gathered around and seated at the 515 meter-long table with food and drinks as music plays.

Organizers said in a Facebook post the event was held to mark the start of the holidays and the end of the pandemic.

According to news reports, there were 2,000 seats at the table which needed to be booked in advance.

The Czech Republic has recorded almost 12,000 cases of COVID-19, and 349 deaths.

Prague is still recording infections daily, however, and some were concerned the celebration might be viewed as premature, according to a BBC correspondent who was present. Credit: iVisitPrague via Storyful