'Thoughtless demand' for Sungai Siput seat is not Umno's stand - MIC

Alyaa Alhadjri & Ramieza Wahid
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'Thoughtless demand' for Sungai Siput seat is not Umno's stand - MIC
'Thoughtless demand' for Sungai Siput seat is not Umno's stand - MIC

All political parties would have their share of members who make thoughtless demands that should be ignored, MIC deputy president M Saravanan said today.

Speaking to reporters in Klang, Saravanan dismissed the reported demand by Sungai Siput Puteri Umno chief Norazura Abdul Karim (above) for his party to give up this Perak parliamentary seat in the forthcoming 15th general election.

"I urge that if such a matter is raised, we don't need to worry so much because it is not Umno's stand.

"MIC has people like that, thoughtless, MCA will also have... All parties will have such thoughtless people," he said at the joint opening of the annual general meetings of the MIC Putera, Puteri, Youth and Women's wings.

"So we just look at the demand from the Puteri chief as a personal demand by someone without the party's spirit, someone thoughtless.

"So don't make it an issue to fight each other," Saravanan, who is the Human Resources Minister, said.

He said party leaders should not be quick to jump on such remarks, stressing that all decisions on seat allocations would be decided by Umno and BN Supreme Council.

Norazura said on Tuesday that the time has come for MIC to give way for Umno to contest Sungai Siput, after failing to reclaim the seat it previously lost in the 2008 general election.

Prior to that, Sungai Siput was an MIC stronghold held by its longest-serving president and former minister S Samy Vellu.