Thoughtful Delivery Driver Covers Packages as Storm Nicholas Hits Southeast Texas

A UPS driver was caught on camera going above and beyond on September 14, as he placed packages in a plastic bag outside a house in Bridge City, Texas, to protect them from the rain as Hurricane Nicholas struck southeast Texas.

The video captured by neighborhood resident Vanessa Gross shows the driver, who was identified by Gross as Chason Burch, placing the packages in a white plastic bag.

In a Facebook post, Gross said, “This UPS driver delivered these packages to our neighbors. He placed them by the front door, rang the doorbell, and then walked over to my house to give us our package. On his way back to his truck he noticed the packages hadn’t been brought inside yet and were getting wet. So he went back to his truck and got a plastic bag to put their packages in.”

Gross told Storyful her neighbors have two small children with special needs that are dependent on medical supplies. The UPS driver is aware of the urgency of the family’s deliveries and he always takes special care of their packages, she said.

The family left their home the previous night to get an emergency supply of oxygen for one of the children and wouldn’t be home until the next day, according to Gross. Credit: Vanessa Gross via Storyful

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