Is Thomas Tuchel sacking really a SHOCK or brutal? Even Avram was better for Chelsea

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Thomas Tuchel applauds the fans Credit: PA Images
Thomas Tuchel applauds the fans Credit: PA Images

Can anybody really be SHOCKED as Chelsea have been worse under Thomas Tuchel than Newcastle United in 2022? Well, SHOCKS sell better than the inevitable…


Shock and awe
The sacking of Thomas Tuchel does not appear to have surprised many people – the Daily Telegraph bring us a very handy breakdown of why it happened – and yet the Mirror website bring us this headline on their football homepage:

‘STAMFORD BRIDGE SHOCKER! Tuchel sacked as Chelsea manager as new owner Boehly wields axe with stunning decision.’

This is Chelsea and they have lost three of their first seven games of the season. Nobody is shocked. Nobody is stunned. Stop pretending.


You brute!
Over at MailOnline:

‘Thomas Tuchel is SACKED by Chelsea in brutal fashion, just 100 days into ruthless Todd Boehly’s ownership – with Graham Potter and Mauricio Pochettino top options to replace him.’

In ‘brutal fashion’? Was he flogged in front of Stamford Bridge? No, he was relieved of his job – which he was doing particularly badly – and will get a substantial pay-off for his troubles. There’s nothing ‘brutal’ about very, very rich people sacking quite rich people.


Murphy’s Law
Actually, we have to correct the above because some people were surprised and some people were shocked. Namely Danny Murphy on talkSPORT. Fresh from saying Manchester United will win nothing despite debunking his own argument in the same breath, the former Liverpool midfielder is stunned by these latest developments.

“I’m really surprised. I think it’s too early. It’s a knee-jerk reaction to a game last night that they dominated and would have won nine out of ten.”

Except it’s clearly not, because Murphy’s colleague Jim White informed listeners that Chelsea had decided to take the decision ahead of the Zagreb game. And as for ‘dominated’; they had three shots on target.

“I think this result is a huge factor in them pushing the button – I don’t think it is the only factor – but it is a factor and that is the naivety of this owner [Todd Boehly]. He doesn’t understand football.”

Hmmm. Maybe he does understand his own football club and the problems he has encountered in trying to get a coach involved in recruitment. Maybe he understands a little bit more than some ex-footballers who are keen to tell anyone who will listen that you need to have played football to “understand football”.

Maybe he understands that Chelsea have been average since the turn of the year.

“I’m not sure we would be having this conversation if they won 4-0 last night. I think sometimes a bad result – especially somebody who doesn’t understand football – can be sensationalised in their head and think, ‘My God, we’ve got a problem if we’re losing games like that’.”.”

Would Chelsea have sacked Tuchel on Wednesday morning if they had beat Dinamo Zagreb on Tuesday? Possibly not. But would he then have been sacked if they had lost a third straight Premier League away game at Fulham? Well yes. And would that have been the decision of a man who “understands football”?


Percentage game
Rio Ferdinand also falls into the ‘shocked’ category. Obviously he has not seen the statistics that show that Chelsea have picked up just 42 points from 24 Premier League games in 2022, which puts them below Newcastle United in that particular table. In fact, his last 50 games do not compare favourably to his first 50.

“He has a 60% win rate. A lot of managers wold be delighted to have that. Chelsea have set their stall out now and said ‘this is us now’. It’s a giant statement from Todd Boehly and his new regime. It leads you to the point, where will they go? Do they have someone lined up?”

A 60% win rate sounds grand until you realise that Avram Grant had a 67% win rate in charge of Chelsea. Antonio Conte had a 65% win rate and was sacked; Maurizio Sarri had a 62% win rate and was widely hated.

You know who did not have a 60% win rate? Frank Lampard, what’s who. And we remember when Ferdinand thought the sacking of his former England teammate was harsh.

(52%, in case you were wondering).


Gang of Four
Honestly, we are in awe of Jack Otway of the Express website. Literally minutes after the sacking of Thomas Tuchel we were informed of ‘Chelsea board’s four options to replace Thomas Tuchel as German sacked after Zagreb defeat’.

Mediawatch feels like there might be more than four options. A headline of ‘Four managers we have thought of really quickly to replace Thomas Tuchel as German sacked after Zagreb defeat’ may have been more accurate, but we still applaud the speed.

The other Danny

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