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This unique styling brush makes hair 'soft and shiny' — and it's on sale on Amazon

After “soft and shiny” hair? This straightening brush promises to deliver, and in way less time than your flat iron.

This hair straightener brush saves
This hair straightener brush saves "so much time" (photo via Amazon)

Most hair-straightening solutions involve clamping unruly strands between two heated plates and pulling downward, section by section. The result is an ultra-straight mane that can sometimes look a little flat. To combat this problem, the TYMO Ionic Hair Straightener Brush from Amazon Canada works a little differently. Designed to maintain volume and body, it creates a smooth, frizz-free style as you slowly brush out curls and waves. Plus, it claims to straighten hair two times faster than a regular flat iron — but many reviewers say it works even quicker. Read on to discover why so many shoppers have ditched their other hair straighteners in favour of the TYMO brush.

With more than 7,000 five-star reviews, this time-saving straightening brush promises frizz-free smoothing and shine.

$50 at Amazon

The TYMO Ionic Hair Straightener Brush uses two types of technology to smooth strands: MCH heating (which reaches the desired temperature in under 30 seconds) and double negative ion generators (to boost shine, reduce frizz and minimize damage).

It features 16 different heat settings to suit your hair type — as low as 170°F (77°C) for thin, damaged hair and up to 450°F (232°C) for .

Even with all that heat, it won’t scald your scalp or fingers because the brush’s teeth are protected by a heat-resistant barrier. The teeth also have a coating of the brand’s exclusive T-GLOSS ceramic to reduce friction on the strands.

Designed to be used on dry hair, the straightener requires that you first comb and section your hair, then slowly pull the brush through small sections of your mane.

It will also automatically shut off after 60 minutes to reduce safety risks in a pinch (but it’s always best to just unplug styling tools!). It also has a memory function, which means it will revert to your last-used temperature next time you power it up.

Available in matte black with hot-pink accents, the TYMO straightener brush is a chic addition to any bathroom vanity.

  • 11,000+ reviews

  • 4.1-star average rating

  • "Saves me so much time."

Hands down, the biggest perk of this hair straightener brush is how fast it works. It “heats up almost immediately” and “takes less time than a flat iron” is a constant refrain of reviewers. One shopper who normally spends an hour straightening her hair was surprised to find she was “able to do it in 20 minutes” with the brush. Another customer said it took him only five minutes to smooth his locks when it usually takes closer to 25. It “saves me so much time,” gushes another.

The brush is also so “easy to use” that one woman even says her nine-year-old daughter “can use it safely by herself.”

Though the brand says the tool will work best on hair textures that are straight and wavy (1A to 2C), many people with curly and kinky hair (3A to 4C) have bought and loved it. The “biggest trick is to brush or comb hair” before you use it, notes one reviewer. If you have thick, coarse locks, you may need to take a couple passes to get the results you want.

Many reviewers note how “soft and shiny” their hair became after styling with the TYMO brush. However, your hair “won’t be bone straight” the way it might be after using a flat iron. Instead, it will have some “body and volume.”

If you notice that your hair looks dry and frizzy after using the tool, you’re likely using a temperature that’s too high for your hair type.

Looking to save time in the morning? The TYMO Ionic Hair Straightener Brush will shave precious minutes off your grooming routine, and you’ll get soft, shiny hair out of the bargain. It’s also easy to use, even for older kids and teens, and it’s a great price. But if you love a pin-straight look, you’re probably better off using a flat iron.

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