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This lightweight travel tote had a 3,500+ person waitlist, and it was just restocked in all colors

Don't set off on your next vacation without taking a look at the AWAY Everywhere Tote. It's back in stock now, but probably not for long.

Just in time for spring break and summer vacations, The Everywhere Tote was finally restocked at Away. Anyone who's ever struggled through the airport with annoying handbag straps constantly sliding down your arm will appreciate this handy Away tote. Not only is it incredibly lightweight, but it also has an inconspicuous sleeve on the backside that you can use to secure it to your carry-on bag. Breezing through the security line to your gate has never been easier.

Traveling in a rainstorm? No problem! The Everywhere Tote is made from water-resistant nylon so everything inside is protected from the outside elements.

$155 at Away

Anyone who's done any research on the best luggage knows Away is a brand that always gets mentioned. The brand's rolling suitcases have a cult, err, loyal following; the carry-on suitcase alone has more than 5,000 reviews on the brand's website. Given Away's popularity with travelers, it's not surprising that the well-designed bag was such a big hit when it was first introduced. After it sold out, it wasn't long before the Away tote amassed a waitlist of more than 3,500 people.

What makes this seemingly straight-forward tote so much better than many others? Of course, it gets huge points for the back sleeve that saves you the hassle of having to roll a suitcase and carry a bag. Just slide the tote onto the handle of your luggage and it carries the bag for you! We also love that the tote is made from durable, yet lightweight nylon. The Away tote is pretty light when it's empty, meaning you can stuff it full of, well, stuff and it won't be back-breakingly heavy. Last but not least, there are pockets galore inside. There's a compartment for a 15-inch laptop, a place for your wallet or passport, a spot for your keys. As someone who carries a tote that's just an open bottomless pit to throw things inside of, let me tell you these pockets are a game changer.

The Everywhere Tote
The Everywhere Tote

To make the restock of The Everywhere Tote even more special, Away debuted a few colors that are likely to become fan favorites. In addition to the original black and coast blue colorways, the tote is now available in navy blue and salt white. If you have a trip coming up or you're just looking for a practical everyday bag to keep all your daily essentials organized and in place, this is one to consider.

In case you're wondering, yes The Everywhere Tote meets the "personal item" requirements enforced by most airlines. It's spacious on the inside, but also fits underneath the seat in front of you.

$155 at Away