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This genius double-decker Cabinet Caddy swivels to save space and keep you organized in 2024

Cluttered cupboards, meet your match.

Most of us want to start the new year off on the right foot, whether that means eating more veggie-based meals, getting more movement in or giving our homes a much-needed refresh. And if your cupboards are looking a little chaotic, we've found a nifty solution that'll make everything nice and neat — and keep it that way. The Cabinet Caddy is a two-tiered shelving unit that can hold everything from spices to medications, but what sets it apart is the fact that it swivels, allowing you to pull it out and easily access its contents. No more fumbling around your black hole of a pantry just to find the paprika!

Decluttering just got a whole lot easier. 

$33 at Wayfair

Before using the Cabinet Caddy, you'll want to make sure your pantry/cupboard has a clearance of 11"x11" to accommodate its dimensions. Once you've confirmed it'll fit, simply place it inside, and you'll be able to rotate it out whenever you need something. (Check out the photo below for reference.) No assembly/installation required!

The Cabinet Caddy consists of two shelves: the bottom shelf is taller, while the top one can be used for smaller containers. As mentioned, it's ideal for housing spices and medicines, though it would also make a great cosmetics holder to keep your bathroom from looking like a drug store beauty aisle exploded all over it. In fact, you can use it for storing practically any small items that need a home.

Its slim profile won't take up much space either; because of its stackable double-decker design, it'll actually save room in your crowded cupboards. Plus, you can place several of them in a row if your cabinets are overflowing.

You'll get some handy inclusions too. It comes with stick-on labels to place on the handles so you'll know what's on each caddy, along with foam inserts to stabilize the items when the shelves aren't loaded to capacity. Oh, and don't worry about the Cabinet Caddy crashing down when you pull it out — it's equipped with nonskid feet to keep it in place!

someone reaching for a spice jar on the cabinet caddy
Once you see how well the Cabinet Caddy organizes your cupboards, you'll be smiling too! (Cabinet Caddy)

Amazon customers are loving the Cabinet Caddy — here's what reviewers have to say.

"We bought five of these to organize our mess of spices and I have got to say, I am impressed!" gushed one repeat buyer. "They very conveniently slide out and rotate to easily view and access every single jar. Very well constructed ... not flimsy at all. They are worth every penny!"

"We love this unit for spices," wrote another satisfied shopper. "Our cupboard space is limited, so this is better use of that space. Didn't notice the top shelf is shorter, but it works for smaller bottles. Ordering a second one; gone are our days of fumbling through the spice cabinet."

"Made my medicine cabinet look so much better!" exclaimed a final fan. "[I] hope in the future they make a larger/wider option. I have some supplement bottles that were too large width-wise that wouldn't fit. Other than that, I can't complain. Love it!"

Make 2024 the year you no longer cringe when opening your cabinets. 

$33 at Wayfair

Another organizational must? This Calmbee 9-in-1 Kitchen Drawer Organizer:

This organizer has dedicated compartments (with labels!) for freezer, gallon, quart, sandwich and snack bags, plus spaces for rolls of plastic wrap, foil and wax/parchment paper. There's also a little box for storing things like chip clips and other kitchen knickknacks. Tidy kitchen, here you come.

$50 at Amazon

"My husband loves this thing," raved a happy shopper. "I genuinely thought he would say this was 'a waste of money,' but the ability to use BOTH tin foil and plastic wrap without wanting to feel murderous is amazing. We are both big fans. Do yourself a favor and feel like you have one thing under control, even if it’s just an endless supply of Ziplocs."

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