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This easy-to-read meat thermometer will save your chicken, turkey and beef — and it's on sale for $15

This "accurate and easy to use" meat thermometer is a kitchen must-have for pros and newbies alike.

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Score an "Amazon's Choice" meat thermometer on sale on Amazon Canada (Getty Images).

Whether you're a budding chef or just trying to get dinner on the table, it can be tricky to gauge if your meat is done cooking and safe to eat, especially if you're testing a new recipe. A meat thermometer, like the DOQAUS Meat Thermometer from Amazon Canada, is a handy device to take the guesswork out of cooking. This thermometer can help ensure your meat is cooked just right — not dangerously underdone or woefully dry and inedible. With its quick, precise readings, it's nabbed a 4.5-star rating on Amazon from almost 6,600 reviews. Its bright LCD display doesn't hurt either, making it easy to read whether you're roasting a turkey in a well-lit kitchen or barbecuing a steak after dark. Scroll on to discover all the handy features this meat thermometer has packed into one tiny, lightweight package.

This "Amazon's Choice" meat thermometer with LCD display makes cooking roasts, steaks, chicken and turkey a cinch.

$15 at Amazon

Designed to detect core meat temperatures with one degree of accuracy, the DOQAUS Meat Thermometer shows readings in both Fahrenheit and Celsius.

The food-grade stainless-steel probe is 4.6 inches, making it long enough to sample a wide variety of meats, while its slim diameter (only 0.06 inches) won’t leave large holes in your meal.

The clear, bright LCD screen is easy to read no matter where or when you’re cooking — indoors or outdoors, in the afternoon or after dark.

Thanks to a magnetic back and hook, the tool is easy to store on metal surfaces like your range hood. It also has a foldaway probe, meaning you can stash it in a drawer and won’t get poked when you reach for it.

It has automatic shutoff after 10 minutes, so you won’t use more of that cr2032 battery than necessary. It also turns on when you unfold the probe and off when you fold it.

The meat thermometer is available in multiple colours including black, red, navy, orange and purple, but prices vary.

With overwhelmingly positive reviews and an average rating of 4.5 stars, the DOQAUS Meat Thermometer has quickly become a kitchen staple — even for the Amazon Canada shopper who’s “not a kitchen wizard.”

Many reviewers note that it’s “accurate and easy to use,” citing its “good size font” and “near-instant read” time of three seconds.

One shopper loved it so much that she bought it two more times: for her boyfriend and for her sister.

Meat Thermometers, DOQAUS Instant Read Food Thermometers for Cooking, Digital Kitchen Thermometer Probe with Backlight & Reversible Display, Cooking Temperature Thermometers for Turkey Grill BBQ Oven
Save on the DOQAUS Instant Read Food Thermometer on Amazon (Photo via Amazon)

Because the display flips to be readable according to how you’re holding it, one reviewer says he finds it’s a bit sensitive, “flipping back and forth” when he’s trying to get a reading.

In any case, when a shopper contacted customer service due to a defective product, the team was quick to respond, apologize and send a replacement. One customer even said DOQAUS replaced the battery free of charge after three full years of use.

If you plan on cooking meat any time soon and don't have a thermometer in your kitchen toolbox, what are you waiting for? The price of the DOQAUS model can't be beat and the customer service team will jump to help you if there's ever an issue.

If you're not sure what temperature you should be testing for based on your meat of choice, simply look at the product packaging. It's all listed there as a guide.

Keep in mind: Only the stainless-steel probe is waterproof, so don't add it to your load of dishes!

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