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This cooling blanket from Amazon is on sale ahead of Prime Day 2024 — it's a 'life-saver' for hot summer nights

If you want to avoid waking up in night sweats, this blanket will be a game-changer.

someone sleeping with the Amazon cooling blanket
The Luxear Cooling Blanket helps you beat the heat this summer. (Photos via Amazon)

I don't know about you, but I absolutely despise going to sleep feeling hot. I need to be cool to the bone to have a comfortable sleep, but still wrapped up in a nice blanket. Night sweats are not for me, and I'd like to think many people agree with me.

If you also hate feeling uncomfortably hot at night, this Luxear Cooling Blanket from Amazon Canada — which is currently on sale ahead of Prime Day 2024 — might be your saving grace. Oh, and might I add, it's also a game-changer when it comes to dealing with hot flashes, according to shoppers. This blanket has become a hit, and if you want to know why, keep scrolling for all the deets.

The Luxear Cooling Blanket is only $55 — you won't regret it on those hot summer nights.

$55 at Amazon

With a little help from heat-absorbing Japanese Arc-Chill fabric, this lightweight yet cozy blanket helps to lower your body temperature while you sleep. One side of the blanket features a smooth cooling surface, while the other side is made of 100 per cent bamboo for softness.

This blanket comes in three sizes and ranges in price, depending on what size you need. The smallest size (51" x 67") is ideal for kids, camping or sofa use. The medium blanket (59" x 79") is perfect for single beds, while the large blanket (79" X 86") fits on a full-size bed.

It's also machine washable, making it easy to enjoy without worrying about hefty dry cleaning bills. Just be sure to follow the care instructions by avoiding the dryer in favour of hang-drying instead.

Reviewers have been loving this cooling blanket, as it's received a 4.3-star average rating from more than 1,200 Amazon reviews.

"This blanket has been a life-changer," raved one reviewer.

"Best summertime blanket ever," shared another.

One shopper noted that it delivers a "constant cooling sensation," while another said that it keeps you "cool and comfortable during the night."

someone with the Amazon Cooling Blanket on a couch
Luxear Cooling Blanket. (Photo via Amazon)

With the help of this blanket, reviewers have found that they could sleep soundly, even on warm nights, without the need to run air conditioning. One person said that it "really does make a difference" and turned out to be "one of the smartest and [most] functional purchases."

With its "lightweight, soft to the touch" construction, it's ideal for anyone looking to sleep soundly without overheating. However, reviewers do caution that the lightweight fabric is prone to "pills and snags."

If you have pets or jewelry that may catch on fabric, you may want to keep them away from this blanket while it's in use to keep it looking its best.

As temperatures continue to climb, you may find yourself in search of a way to stay cool while you sleep. Reviewers have said that anyone who runs hot at night "needs to give this blanket a try" — especially at its early Prime Day sale price.

The Luxear Cooling Blanket is a lightweight and breathable blanket that helps lower your temperature while you sleep, thanks to cooling bamboo fibre. However, shoppers warn that its delicate fabric could be a turn-off for those with pets.

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