Third Peruvian President named in a week

Two Presidents in Peru have stepped down in the past week and a third was newly elected on Monday.

Peru's Congress voted in legislator and engineer Francisco Sagasti as Peru's interim president to defuse a political crisis ahead of national elections in April.

He is a member of the centrist Morado Party

"For our country, for the youth and for the betterment of all Peruvians, I promise," Sagasti said while being sworn in.

Manuel Merino, his predecessor resigned as interim President after just 5 days in office because of ongoing protests following the impeachment of former President Martin Vizcarra.

Vizcarra was widely popular with Peruvians, but angered lawmakers for his anti-corruption measures.

In the wake of an economic recession brought on by the global health crisis, Sagasti pledged to move the country forward after taking office.

"The pandemic hasn't stopped, the economic crisis hasn't stopped, the problem of insecurity has not stopped. This is a moment to amend, and to decisively advance towards a better future for all Peruvians," he said.

But protests have continued and opinions are divided over Sagasti's potential to lead the country.

Some congratulated him, "I think that Sagasti is someone that gives democratic guarantees, that can get a transition towards a new government that will be adequate."

While others called for justice for those killed, injured or are still missing.

"Quite frankly, it's the same rubbish. The mask has changed but everything is all the same," said one protester.

Sagasti is set to complete the current government's term that ends in July 2021.

General elections begin in early April.