Things go awry for Glen Powell's team in exclusive “Twisters” preview scene featuring new Jelly Roll song

Things go awry for Glen Powell's team in exclusive “Twisters” preview scene featuring new Jelly Roll song

The actor's "Tornado Wrangler" character, Tyler Owens, faces mechanical issues in a sneak peek at the blustery blockbuster.

Storm chasing is not for the faint-hearted, even when you're being as safe as possible. And safety does not seem at the front of mind for Twisters' Tyler Owens.

In a preview clip exclusive to Entertainment Weekly (above), Tyler (Glen Powell) is gearing up to anchor his truck into the ground as a massive tornado approaches. He's outfitted his rig to deploy augers at the flip of the switch, but the switch isn't working. "Hey Boone, I'm having trouble with this trigger here," Tyler tells his friend (played by Nope star Brandon Perea) as their teammate Lily (Loki and American Honey's Sasha Lane) suggests using some water to clean up the mechanics, which seem to have been clogged up by candy. "You gotta quit eating chocolate in the damn truck," Tyler chastises Boone. "I'm not gonna bring no chocolate anymore," his friend replies.

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While the trio of storm chasers discuss the switch issues as though the TV remote is malfunctioning on a lazy weekend afternoon, the final passenger in the truck — Ben, a journalist riding along with the trio (played by Downton Abbey and The Crown alum Harry Hadden-Paton) — is having a full on panic attack.

In the final moments of the clip (featuring the debut of Jelly Roll's new song "Dead End Road," which will be released in full on July 18 and be included on the film's soundtrack), the switch is fixed, the storm chasers scream in excitement, and Ben screams in utter terror.

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Harry Hadden-Paton

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"'If you feel it, chase it' is his tagline," Powell told EW of his character following the release of Twisters' first trailer during the Super Bowl in February. "When there's something big that everyone else is running away from, Tyler's the guy that runs towards it. It was just a blast of a character."

Twisters hits theaters July 19.

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