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These leak-free swim goggles won't give you 'raccoon eyes' — and they're just $8

Special technology enhances the anti-fog ability, and the ergonomic design keeps water from trickling in.

Whether you swim laps to stay in shape or you're going on vacation to splash around with abandon, stellar goggles are as key as great swimwear. They'll protect your eyes from harmful rays, irritation, stinging and redness — especially if you wear contacts — and allow you to see more clearly. Our pick: Portzon Dynamics Swim Goggles, now at Amazon for just $8. That price? Just swimming!

Special technology enhances the anti-fog ability, and the ergonomic design keeps water from trickling in.

$8 at Amazon

A pair of goggles that'll keep out the fog and water for only $8 is possible with these powerful peepers. And they're just a buck shy of the lowest price we've ever seen 'em. They'll save you both money and peace of mind when it comes to protecting your eyes from irritation or, even worse, infection. Because no one wants that on vacation.

Leaking, fogging and discomfort are common problems with many swim goggles, but not with the Portzon Goggles. The soft silicone material around the lenses and on the nose prevents plastic from cutting into your face. The straps are easy to adjust so you get the right fit. And an added bonus is the sun protection these offer, thanks to a high-tech coating that blocks those rays.

pair of swimming goggles
Protect your eyes in style with these comfy swim goggles. (Amazon)

Over 2,000 Amazon shoppers are ga-ga for these goggles, giving them a glowing five-star rating.

"Can see everything under the water!" raved a satisfied swimmer. "I feel like a fish — I can observe every single detail under the water in the pool. Doesn’t get foggy, gives me clear vision. Makes me feel very comfortable under the water. Made my swimming classes much more enjoyable, and easier."

One shopper called these goggles "the best goggles I've ever owned," adding, "They fit my own adult head as well as that of my preteen. They sealed very well. They did not leak at all, which made me very happy! I haven't been able to swim without getting pool water on my contact lenses in a very long time, and these allowed me to do so."

"Goggles perform great; no fogging, doesn’t leave you with raccoon eyes, once fitted properly they don’t leak. And at less than $10, a great bargain," shared one happy customer, also noting, "Although, there should be instruction on how to open the case they come in."

Some shoppers felt that the quality wasn't up to par. "Too much shade for open water swimming," reported this reviewer. "I switched into my snorkel gear in the middle of my 4 pm swim in the Gulf of Mexico because the goggles made everything look dark green."

"Great until they broke," said another. "The clasp in the back broke and there is no way to fix it. They are comfortable and nice for sunny days but kinda useless once they break. We swim a few times a week and these lasted a little over a month."

"The lenses did not fog, the polarization made the water clear, and the sizable nose pieces made the goggles fit perfectly!" raved one impressed Amazon shopper.

$8 at Amazon

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